Parent Information

Competition night

In the event of inclement weather, please check the Web Site as it will be updated throughout Friday afternoon as to whether Competition will take place or not.  

Age groups

There are 12 age groups from U/6 - U/17 and the boys and girls in each age group compete separately.  Two age managers are responsible for each age group and take the athletes to each of their designated events as per the program for that night.  Age managers will organise heats with other athletes with similar ability not necessarily by friendship.  Other parent helpers will assist each age group.

Club uniforms and Registration Numbers

The Gosford Centre uniform consists of royal blue, white and gold singlets and shorts.  Shorts can now be either Club or plain black shorts.  There are a number of different uniform options that your child can wear.  Uniform can be purchased from the Centre. As U/6 do not compete at Championship events they can wear the Centre uniform or a yellow shirt and royal blue shorts.  On payment of registration fees, athletes will receive an individual number and an age group patch.  The registration number is to be sewn on to the front of the uniform top with the border showing.  The smaller age group patch number is to be sewn to the bottom left side of the shorts.  Their individual number and age patches are used by recorders to record the athletes results.  

Parent helpers

With around 250 athletes at our Centre, to run a full program efficiently on a Friday night, it takes around 75 parent helpers.  We understand that just like our athletes our parents come from a diverse range of backgrounds and as such have different talents and experiences.  There is a place for everyone at Little Athletics and there are a number of ways you can become involved from Committee members and age managers to raking the long jump sand pit, measuring, timekeeping, starting,  to helping out in the canteen.  If you are not sure exactly what you are doing there is always someone there to help you out.  All you have to do is ask.  In relation to the Parent helping bond, we encourage parents to sign on with Age Managers or the inside track..  At championship events, parents will also be expected to help out but there will be accredited officials to assist and guide you. 

Child Protection Information

Child Protection forms only need to be filled out by people who do not have children at the Centre and are helping out as managers, coaches, officials or parent helpers.

Competition Guidelines and Policies 

Competition will start at 6pm promptly. on a Friday night apart from athletes involved in the walk events (U/9 athletes and above - 5.40pm) and Javelin (U/11 athletes and above - 5.15pm) We encourage all Athletes to stretch and warm up prior to any Competition.  All competitors are expected to behave in a sportsmanlike manner.  For safety reasons, all athletes must have a parent or guardian present while they compete.  Little Athletics Association NSW accepts that risk management is an integral part of good management practice.  The Association is firmly committed to the systematic process of identifying, analysing, evaluating, treating, monitoring and communicating risks associated with its operation.  LAANSW has a zero tolerance on the consumption of alcohol during any sanctioned event.  Smoking shall not be permitted in any competition or spectator area during any Little Athletics competition.

Track and Field Rules

Shoes are to be worn by all athletes.  Spikes can only be worn by U/11 - U/17 athletes in most track events - NOTE: only atheltes aged U/13 - U/17 can wear spikes in long distance track events. Spikes can also be used for the jumping events.  Athletes are only to use the equipment whilst they are participating in that particular event and under the Supervision of a responsible adult. 

Gosford Little Athletics Web Site (

The web site for Gosford Little Athletics allows all athletes to view their children’s results week to week. This information is uploaded throughout the week but please be patient as there is around 10 hours of data input for all athletes events.
To obtain these details all you need to do is go to and on the left side of the page there is a number of selections.  Go to:- achievement levels and then athlete results and put in your child’s registration number and the date of the competition.  

End of season Awards

Certificates are awarded to all athletes at the end of season club presentation. All athletes receive a trophy dependent upon the performance level they achieve throughout the season. The club introduced  this award system, to provide a wide recognition of individual performance. It is also an incentive for the children to compete in as many events as they are able to on club nights, and in doing so, gain fitness, acquire new skills, and challenge themselves to improve.  The system is based on performances achieved (times and distances), not placing’s gained. There is an emphasis on athletes achieving various pre-determined levels, at which time they will receive an acknowledgement of achievement that can be viewed on the web site. They continue during the season to try to improve to achieve elevation to the next level, until the end of the season when they will receive an award for the highest performance level they have reached.