Please read ALL of the below information as it contains important detials for registration, bib collection and triallists. 

Little Athletics NSW no longer accept manual registrations, and all registrations must now be done online - Please register here.  Registrations are now OPEN for athletes aged 6 to under 17 years.  The age group for your child will be the age they turn in 2024.

Some key points  to remember: 

  • you must register online before you can collect registration numbers
  • you need to bring along a copy of the recipt to be sighted, and if this is your childs first season with Gosford you will need to show a copy of your child's birth certificate

In terms of what age groups your child will be in is determined by what age you turn in 2024.    

Cost of Registration for this season is as follows:

Cost: First child - $180

          Second child - $135

         Third child - $130

Any further siblings in the same family are free.

 A $30 bond has been included in the cost of registration of your first child.  This $30 will be refunded at the completion of the season to those parents/guardians who have assisted with the running of Competition nights at least 50% of the season and any Representative Championships your child may attend.  Helping out does not necessarily mean that you will be in charge of taking 30 kids from event to event, it may be raking the sand at Long Jump, retrieving Shot Puts for the athletes or helping out at the BBQ or Canteen.

Please note that, after you have registered online, you will still need to pick up your childs registration numbers and purchase uniform at Adcock Park. 

We now have credit card facilities at Adcock Park, so uniform can be purchased by way of credit card, cash or cheque. 

Number Collection Night

Number Collection Night is on Friday 22nd September from 6pm-7:30pm at Adcock Park, West Gosford. This is the night parents can pick up the bib numbers for their child (fully registered athletes only). You MUST bring a copy of your receipt - either printed or on your mobile device - in order to receive your child's bib numbers.

It is best you come to collect your child's bib number on this night as there is limited opportunity to do so before competition starts on Friday Night's as all of our comittee members are involved in the set up and running of competition nights. 

All new registrations must bring proof of age such as Birth Certificate, passport or blue medical book.

Uniforms will be available to try on and purchase. Any registered athlete (except trial members) U7 and above must purchase our uniform. Singlets or Crops will be $35. We do have some stock left for certain sizes of shorts & bunhuggers but these are not compulsory to purchase. Black shorts must be worn if you do not have our shorts/bunhuggers. 

2-Week Trials

We offer a 2-week trialist program at the cost of $20 deposit. This cost is reimbursed once a child has fully registered. Triallist must also register online. Click here to complete the online registration for a 2-week trial.

Please bring your receipt to the roster desk on the first night that your child is competing to collect your wrist band. 

Age Managers

Each year we're always looking for parent volunteers to take the kids around the track to each event on our Friday Nights. If you are interested and want to know more, you can read this flyer - What Does an Age Manager Do? - and speak to one of our comittee members on Rego night. 

What happens on Competition nights?  When you arrive there will be clothes baskets with age banners in them.  Take your child to their age group basket.  Our programme starts at 6pm and an Age Manager will take the kids out to their events and will stay with them for the night.  Most age groups need about 3-5 adult helpers to make the night work efficiently.

There is a Roster Desk that is undercover at the front of the Club House, if you are not sure what to do or where you need to be, ask a Committee member.


If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0404 466 848

Stu Farrant